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September 2, 2002
RealConnect continues its international expansion

RealConnect continues its international peering connections by establishing a connection with BTN, a subsidiary of Hong Kong based PCCW.

August 24, 2002
RealConnect and KDDI establish peering connection

RealConnect and KDDI can now both benefit from a new peering connection to each others networks.

August 18, 2002
RealConnect and Global Naps establish peering connection.

RealConnect continues its effort by bringing a direct connection to users of Global Naps and RealConnect.

August 11, 2002
RealConnect Makes a Direct Connection with
Two of the Most Popular Search Engines

RealConnect has established relationships with two of the largest search engines

July 21, 2002
RealConnect Makes Private Interconnections with
Premier National & Regional ISPíS

RealConnect announced today that they have established private interconnections with 11 premier ISPís

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