RealConnect Offer: Access provided through state of the art network using dual DS3 connections



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RealConnect is a Virginia based company that focuses on state of the art connectivity and Internet technologies for business users. These include all forms of connectivity with an emphasis on DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology and Virtual Private Networks using T-1 point-to-point connections. RealConnect provides these services in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. RealConnect has in place a first class Internet infrastructure, using state of the art equipment and working relationships with the leading providers of broadband connectivity. A diverse set of technologies are employed and we have in place partnerships to maintain the highest quality services available.

RealConnect is a privately held company and is not driven by growth for growth's sake. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to the Internet connectivity needs of our customers. These are to be state of the art, low priced, secure, and highly reliable. RealConnect has been meeting the Internet connectivity needs of the various businesses located in the highly sophisticated and technology dependent National Press Building since 1996.

RealConnect:   Services   |  Press Release   |  KnowledgeBase |  Pricing   |  Contact Us |  Login

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